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34 North, 118 West

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By: the 34 North, 118 West collective
Project type: locative real time experience


34 North, 118 West is a a historic fiction set in downtown LA. Depending on the GPS positioning of the walker, a different part of the story isĀ  informs the participator of the historic past of downtown LA. A portable computer shows the location of the participator on a map, while the the audio content is delivered thought the headphones.

Find out more:

Read about the project 34 North, 118 West.

Watch a video of the project 34 North, 118 West.

More about the artist collective 34 North, 118 West (authors of the project) and their other locative projects..

My comments:

The only thing I have seen about this project is the video that is on their website… but it is difficult to tell what the experience of the GPS narrative was like or to judge whether this project is more a locative fictional narrative or a locative documentary narrative.

Anybody that knows more… please do comment!

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This entry was posted on Monday, March 24th, 2003

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  1. On May 9th, 2009 at 12:49 hight from 34n wrote:

    I am the writer from the project

    my essay “narrative archaeology” should help answer your questions

    we were the first locative narrative but it was for me as a writer 2 things

    1. the realization that narrative could be placed in the physical world and written with its physical spaces and entities

    2. on a much larger scale gps could allow places to be “read” which is to trigger all the information a documentary would have..but multiple levels and layers

    the texts are all from historical research and of the places in the 4 block area but the data has been narrativized to make it seems as though one is encountered the people and places from the past 100 years in the area from immediacy but still of facts and history

  2. On May 9th, 2009 at 13:57 Sandra wrote:

    Thanks for your comment… it is very useful to have the point of view of people that worked on the project! ! Anyway: my question is probably about the user experience of your project: how did it feel to go though the city through such an interface? did if feel like a game/narrative experience or did if feel like a way to perceive the city differently? I am curious of the value that the project had for the participants… (by the way, have you followed Rider Spoke by Blast theory? I think their project would interest you).
    I wish some participants could add to this discussion….

  3. On April 1st, 2016 at 09:15 Delia Couley wrote:

    Hi Matt! Thanks for the reply!Unfortunately, that example doesn’t quite work. The right-most quad second from the top is not lexicographically minimal (the bottom part could be extended). I added your test case to the demo to show why, though here is a picture to show what goes wrong:It’s still neat to note though that this hits the extreme bound for the conjecture of having exactly E/2 quad. If it had just one more quad it would be a valid counter example.

  4. On June 20th, 2016 at 01:17 Jammie Marabella wrote:

    In 6 months there will be an ad for 4 barely used treadmills on Craigslist

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