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By: Florian Thalhofer
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7sons is a project by Florian Thalhofer. Yet again Florian has used his Korsakow software (that he has himself created and that is downloadable from the web) to create a hypertext video around the topic of a journey in the desert.

The interface of the project is the one of a main screen -that plays the video- and of three hyperlinks that branch to other video pieces. Following the words on the screen (that can be the name of the next protagonist or an indication of the next topic) one can browse through interviews and nicely edited pieces about nomadic life.

The logic of Korsakow is that the narrative (text order) can be different each time, since it depends on the selections of the viewer.

Find out more:

The project was edited with the Korsakow system (a software that Florian developed himself to be able to interact with video online – or on a DVD support). For more on Korsakow check:

For other Korsakow movies check wiki page

To watch and play with 7sons go to

My comments:

Althought 7sons is visually quite appealing (nice shots of the desert and very nice music) I am not convinced that the logic of interactivity that the Korsakow software offers is enhancing the topic of the documentary.

The database narrative that Korsakow affords is based on jumping from one interview to the other, of from one edited segment to another,…it therefore pushes the user to “browse” through a topic following curiosity.

While I think that the curiosity holds in topic such as love (see Florian’s “the LoveStoryProject”) I am not so sure that it is sufficient for a journey through a geographical space such as the desert. I found myself stopping the exploration quite quickly as I had the feeling of “not going anywhere” or not “discovering enough”.

It is also to be said thought, that this is one the Florian’s earliest projects (2003) and that his use of the Korsakow system has now really evolved.

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

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