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Dans un quartier de Paris (Within a Paris neighborhood)

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By: Janet Murray
Project type: CD-ROM


Dans un quartier de Paris is an early experiment in what was then called
a “multimedia” interactive documentary. The idea was to allow French language
students to have an insider’s view of a foreign cultural world, in this instance a neighbourhood: the Marais.
The program allows the user to: meet a variety of people living in the neighbourhood (some who have lived there for forty years, some for only two years, for example); to visit a variety of places (places that all have meaning in the daily lives of the people livingĀ  in the Marais).

Made in 1996 this is an early attempt to use digital media to “tell stories differently”. The project was lead by Janet Murray (who wrote Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace) .

Find out more:

To see a description of the project and some screen grabs go to

My comments:

I have not had the opportunity to play with the original CD-Rom of Dans un quartier de Paris so I can hardly comment.

The information that is on the MIT website describes a project that was ambitious for 1996 and that seem to have influenced educational formats more than documentary genre.

Anyone that knows more about this project: please feel free to comment.

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